Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Pandora of Exposures

We have once again been presented with a skewed view by RFN and SV today. On the SV site, we see that the bloggers are blaming the current govt. for the flooding and deaths. One can debate about the fault of the govt. until the cows come home but it surely must be acknowledged that tis govt. does not have the power to control the weather. It is a ridiculous statement - equally to that of the article published by RFN who quote that the Natadola project is currently over budget and there are inklings of corruption in it.

We acknowledge the corruption - this was evident well before the current govt. came into power. The SDL party was heavily invested into the project, both financially and personally. Information we have received shows that the former PM of NZ, Helen Clark was also party to this crime as she had invested significant portions of the her personal wealth into the project by way of APRIL, the now expelled project controllers. He decision not to allow the current govt. into NZ is not based on a decision as PM, but a decision based on one which is of personal vengeance. It is well that the cat is out of the bag now and we are able to see the situation in its totality.

While RFN and SV spent their efforts decrying the govts. position regarding the Natadola project, it would do them well to remember that it is their money which was being used for unscrupulous purposes and the govt. stepped in at the right time to stop hoodlums such as Keni Dakuidreketi from looting the coffers with their $30,000/day fees. So what cause have these bloggers to continually bash the govt. over issues that are being corrected now? Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that these bloggers are disgruntled politicians or persons connected with the former crooks who are now simply using the Internet as a medium for expressing their disappointment; disappointment that they can no longer rob the people of this nation.

It is no big secret that the SDL party was a racist party - racist to the extent that money was simply handed over to Fijians while the other races suffered. A blueprint was made to enforce the racist policies of the party and bills which if passed, would have resulted in the death of the tourism industry and caused the loss of thousands of jobs. It is therefore no big surprise that the military moved in when it did because the people were crying. The hotel owners were already burdened with outrageous monetary claims by the self-claimed landowners and additional taxes levied on them did nothing to ease the burden. It is perhaps not surprising that a hotel owner asked, before the coup, what evidence the Fijians had to assert their authority in a land which was never theirs from the very beginning? The issue of native land and freehold should never have been allowed to exist from the beginning. If the early settlers had simply set all land as freehold and accordingly compensated the residents only once, Fiji's quagmire of land issues would never have existed. But these are things of the past and we cannot undo what has happened - just as the RFN and SV bloggers need to understand that no amount of cackling from their sites will every dissuade the current govt. from its task of rebuilding Fiji.

The Charter is the cornerstone for change. Just like the racist blueprint of the SDL govt., this govt. will also present its own blueprint but it will be a blueprint for all - this is the Charter and the people who currently oppose it, albeit a minority group, need to understand and accept it because neither hail, rain or shine will prevent the Charter from being enacted as law. The bloggers who write their ridiculous articles on the RFN and SV sites need to understand that the days of their corrupt practices are well and truly over because this govt. will ensure that appropriate mechanisms are in place to counter and weed out corruption. While many people are speculating that elections will not take place, this is purely a rumor.
There will be elections next year (2010), but these are subject to the reforms currently be undertaken within the civil service to ensure that there is greater accountability and transparency.
In addition to this, the current electoral system will need to be changed to ensure that the previous elections processes are returned. The belief is that the preferential voting system does not augre well for the people of this country because it is complex and cannot be used to indicate a true result of each candidate. It is the preferential voting system which was abused by the SDL party to gain majority seats in areas they knew they were going to lose. Coupled with this, officers were bribed with promises of money and power if they changed the votes in the boxes.
How else can the SDL party explain why they printed an additional 100,000 ballot papers after the tally was completed of the number of people who were eligible to vote?
The rule of voting is very simple - you get one paper and one chance at voting. You cannot be given another chance. Yet the SDL party believed otherwise along with the toothless observers who crowed that the election had been fair and free.

There is more to come and this will be revealed over time...


Anonymous said...

hahahaha... I like the bit when they blamed the IG for the Natural Disasters in Fiji! WOW What next.

Tim said...

Interesting....when I clicked the link to this site I was confronted with an error message: "out of memory"

Anonymous said...

Tonoka nomudou sona.Ni veicai vata kei Bainimarama

Anonymous said...


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