Saturday, April 18, 2009

Brief Update

Tuikilakila Waqairatu - you and your cult is next.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

News Updates

For many viewers who switched on their television sets at 6PM this evening, you may have been surprised to learn that the news bulletin would not be aired.

We would like to clear the air before RFN and SV choose to distort the truth as they continually done. The true story behind the news bulletin not being aired is this. Fiji TV wanted to air stories against the new govt. and spoke to a number of radicals who voiced their opinions in a very seditious manner. As you all know, the Emergency Decrees is in place and the decree very clearly states that all media outlets must guard against running any news which can be considered seditious. Fiji TV chose to run stories by contacting parties such as NFP, SDL and other NGO’s who all chose to use the limelight as an opportunity to voice their personal opinions and attempt to cause an uprising against the govt. of the day.

We have stated this in the past and we state this again for the benefit of those here: The govt. will not tolerate any forms of sedition, treason or civil disobedience from any quarter. We have stated that all media outlets need to exercise a high degree of caution before publishing any article which may cause riots or civil unrest of any sort. The Fiji TV management was given the opportunity to remove specific items from their news bulletin however, they refused and argued that they should be allowed to publish all news events or they would not be running the news bulletin at all. Since the armed forces have been tasked with ensuring no news outlets reports in a biased manner, the final onus was on Fiji TV to abide by the Emergency Decree or not run any of the bulletins. As such, the company then chose to flaunt the rule of law and the end result is as the viewers finally saw it: no news bulletin this evening.

We would like to reiterate to all parties that any political meetings, gatherings or any form of public congregation will require the approval of the Police Commissioner and any one found to be disobeying this order we believe, will be dealt with in an extremely serious manner. If the Fiji TV management team chooses not to run their news bulletin as normal, but under the Emergency Decree, then the govt. will not interfere with the decision taken by the management. This also applies to the Fiji Times who were cordial enough to agree that specific news articles would not be run but the requirement was that the company be allowed to publish a censorship message in its stead. This was readily agreed to and it was further agreed that no news that had been censored would be published on any of the media outlets websites. We are of the belief that the media council will be working closely with us in a professional manner in order to ensure the 30 day transition passes smoothly. The Emergency Regulations will be reviewed after this period and renewed IF necessary.

We ask that all the people of this country come together in a patriotic harmony and work with the govt. to help build a better Fiji which is free of corruption and racial politics. May God bless Fiji and her people.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


No doubt many readers have viewed the media today and heard via tv and radio about Commissioner Esala Teleni's recent meeting with his Indo-Fijian staff.

We stand by every word said by Teleni. In fact we are rather amazed at the comments made on the RFN site where the toothless tigers growl about racism and harmony. We ask where their sense of reality has gone to? To crow about racism and harmony from a site which has from its very inception been the snake of racism is laughable. By publishing such articles and calling for the sacking of a reputable man, a man who has stated what was blindingly obvious is ridiculous. Teleni will not go and just like the PM, we, the bloggers who have Indians in our group agree whole heatedly that we would have done the same thing had we been in Teleni's shoes. Why are the RFN bloggers so outraged at the statements made by Teleni? Can a man not openly profess his love for Jesus? Or is Jesus such a useless term now that perhaps he is no longer worthy of being loved. Obviously the heathen bloggers at RFN have no care about faith nor do they know about allegiance. They harp on about issues and show their truly hypocritical natures by their articles today.

Jesus was the reason Teleni said what he said. If a man feels that he has been blessed by Jesus, then so be it - it brings him peace of mind and inner comfort. Or perhaps the bloggers have no value for Jesus and consider his works a curse? It would certainly seem to be the case as the bloggers have taken the words of Teleni to a new and twisted level. We standby Teleni's words and we agree that the Indian police officers are a dangerous lot. They are backstabbers and have done this to other Commissioners. They have an inner circle whereby they discuss how to topple their superiors and usurp power. The Indian police should certainly be sacked. These are the same grog-doped cigarette smoking lazy men who stroll around the street trying to get bribes from everyone. We believe the Commissioner should sack all these men and find others to replace him - others who are loyal and do not question the authority in a disciplined force.

In addition to this, the media continue to show their true colors by running to all the anti-govt. idiots and asking them for their comments. In the end, all the people in this country got to hear was how bad a person the Commissioner was. Why not talk to other members of the govt.? Why not go out in public and ask them what their views are? The answer is obvious - it would have spoiled their slanted hypocritical stories. To worsen the situation the media ended up talking to the most racist man in Fiji - Ted Young of the SDL. This was the crowning moment of the media's inefficiency and stupidity.

In the end, whatever the drug-doped lunatics at RFN may say, the bottom line is this: we believe what Teleni said is right. Any police officer who thinks otherwise should get out of the force and we will continue to support the work done by Teleni and his dedicated team. Teleni will remain but all the backstabber will be purged.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Frankly Speaking -Fiji Army Commander Frank Bainimarama Speaks Out

By (Late) Robert Keith-Reid (from

Quite a few people want Commodore Frank Bainimarama eased from his job as commander of Fiji's 3500-man strong army.

Some people have tried to ease him out.

In November 2000, one of the objects of a flopped but bloody mutiny at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks, Suva, was to kill Bainimarama.

A year later, the police and army foiled a plot to kidnap Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase and Bainimarama.

Last year, some members of the ex-servicemen's association mounted a petition for Bainimarama's removal as army commander after he rejected their demand for a F$250,000 (US$125,0000) "goodwill" payment they alleged is due to them. This is in addition to the more than F$200 million they are claiming from the government.

A few weeks ago, parliamentarian Samisoni Tikoinasau urged the government to "discipline" Bainimarama for "insubordination". Tikoinasau is a brother of George Speight, now in jail for life for high treason.

Bainimarama has a low opinion of Speight, as you will read later. He can stay where he is, in jail, for years, the army commander says.

For some time it has been clear that the government would also like to see the back of Bainimarama.

It has offered him the enticement of being Fiji's High Commissioner in Kuala Lumpur, London, and currently Wellington, and backed his unsuccessful application for a job as a United Nations peace force commander.

Bainimarama dismisses persistent rumours and reports, since Islands Business originally interviewed him, that he's since decided to go to Wellington.

In recent months, there have been persistent reports in the local media, partially confirmed by Home Affairs Minister Joketani Cokanasiga, to the effect that "Bainimarama's contract will not be renewed" when it expires at the end of this year.

Bainimarama, who joined the army's naval squadron in 1975 and rose to become its commander, told Islands Business: "There never was any intention to move to any other area from the outset. I made the military my career, am enjoying it, and like most in the military intend to stay on until retiring age. I was made head of the military in 1999 and intend to stay until I am 55. There was never any contract signed in 1999 on my resuming as chief of the military.

"But I guess the powers that be can remove me for non-performance. But I thought I and the military have been doing extremely well considering the circumstances."

He says that normally he would have expected to remain army commander until the retiring age of 55. He's now 49.

"So you have another six years?"


"You are willing to stay on until your are 55?"

"Yes, until 55. There was no plan for me to go anywhere, and this has been strengthened recently by issues that need to be addressed. I am of the view that the choice to change careers should be mine."

The "unfinished business" includes the completion of army trials of soldiers involved in the mutinies and the small number of soldiers who in May 2000 joined George Speight, a minor local businessman who was suddenly promoted to the chairmanship of two government timber corporations, in the armed seizure of Parliament.

Then Prime Minister Mahendra Chaudhry and most of his cabinet members were held hostage there for 56 days. Speight claimed he was freeing indigenous Fijians of political domination by Fiji's Indian citizens.

There is a list of other business Bainimarama wishes to complete. "I have unfinished business with the military. One is the court martial. We have two outstanding cases of which I am the convening officer. Two are the court cases (prosecutions of civilians on coup-related charges). I thought we should see the end of that.

"Three, we have a defence review coming up. There is no doubt that the review will focus on the roles and participation of the military during the events of 2000, which will have implications on the force structure. I want to be around to answer those queries.

"Four, we have a review of conditions of pay and services in progress. There are a lot of other issues I'm involved in. But first and foremost are the general court martials. I am the convening officer for them.

"Another matter is, I understand there are moves to take some of my people to court for the deaths of some of the CRW people (four members of the now disbanded Counter Revolutionary Warfare Unit) who were allegedly beaten to death by loyalist soldiers during the mutiny. That's been

The other issue, he says, is that "I together with the military have unfinished business with the community at large in that we want to assist the government in the removal of the continued threat to the security of the nation.

"One does not have to be smart to realise that the security situation in Fiji is quite fluid, and we have to continuously adjust ourselves to ensure that the air and feeling of uncertainty is removed from our midst."

Why is the Fiji Government anxious to see Bainimarama go?

The Fiji media reports it this way: Certain political leaders are anxious to "go softly" on the investigation and prosecution of all coup suspects and want life and long jail sentences imposed on convicted army mutineers to be cut. Their wish is to placate anti-Indian Fijian nationalists whose enmity could undermine the government's power Bainimarama is an obstacle. He opposes "going soft" and clemency for anyone, including Speight, the convicted traitor, now serving a sentence of life imprisonment.

If that is the case, then the government has a problem in trying to dump the army commander or simply sacking him.

While Bainimarama might be an anathema in some places, he's regarded as a national hero by tens of thousands of citizens who crave for assured stability and peace for the country.

Bainimarama is promising to secure and maintain that.

After the invasion of Parliament Bainimarama briefly led a military government and negotiated the release of Speight's hostages, all of whom were released, some battered, but none dead.

Bainimarama quickly turned over power to a civilian interim regime and made it clear that the army stood for law, order and constitutional government.

He emphatically says that this remains the case.

The army's role was in complete contrast to its purely nationalist-inspired 1987 coup against an Indian-dominated government. Many Fiji Islanders believe that in 2000 it redeemed itself by rescuing the country from being stolen by a small group of armed crooks, thugs and fanatics that the police and remaining elements of legal government, in the form of the then President, Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, were powerless to deal with.

As frequent letters published by local newspapers show, a lot citizens continue to regard Bainimarama as a man to put their trust in.

Prior to the Islands Business talk with Commodore Bainimarama, conducted in an office he sometimes uses outside the barracks in the now disbanded Fiji Intelligence Service's former headquarters near Government House, the local media had reported that he was digging his heels in against pressures to "go easy" on convicted mutineers and others.

Some reports said the government tried to pressure him through the present president, Ratu Josefa Iloilo, who is elderly and ailing.

Bainimarama flatly denied a report that he's told Qarase that he should resign if he loses a case in which Chaudhry is claiming eight cabinet seats for his Fiji Labour Party. But some other reports are correct, he says.

Bainimarama says he was offered the Fiji High Commissioner post for Malaysia in 2001 and more recently to the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Earlier this year he agreed to go to Wellington, but then changed his mind for reasons he felt he should not disclose.

Asked about reports that he had blocked efforts to secure a presidential pardon for Speight, he replied: "Well, we know that is not going to happen. I mean, why should a man who turned Fiji upside down, be pardoned? Will the rest of the prisoners (in Fiji's main prisons at Naboro and Korovou) be also released?

"The stance of the Fiji military in this regard is fairly well known in that people who were responsible in the illegal activities of 2000 should be taken to task and if sentenced, should serve out their sentences in full."

Bainimarama says when he leaves the army his successor will be his land force and deputy commander, Colonel Iowane Naivalurua.

"The military should always be headed by someone from within."

Each Saturday Bainimarama speaks on Radio Fiji's Fijian language service.

His aim is to brief Fijians on the army's thinking on security issues.

He wishes that some talks were translated into English. The gist of what he says is evidence that the army's relationship with some of its political masters is not a comfortable one.

"The public should be aware of leaders who have personal agendas because of the events of 2000, and that good governance means the rule of law must be followed.

"In one recent talk I said that the political climate post-coup changed dramatically from 1987.

"In 1987, the coup was conducted by the military with the backing of the vanua. After the post-coup election, the government was led by none other than the Major-General (coup leader Steven Rabuka) and there was a certain collusion between the military and the government of the day.

"What the government wanted, the military gave, and what the military wanted, the government gave. We were part and parcel of the same entity.

"There is a marked difference now. In 2000 we had the power, and we gave the power back on the understanding that the military must not be in a position to govern.

"It doesn't look well in the international community. We are talking about globalisation and it would not augur well for Fiji. We should give it (government) back to politicians.

"Politics being politics, and with the structure of our constitution, we must accept the fact that those that involved themselves in the illegal activities of 2000 (pending the outcome of police investigation) will also come in (be elected to the present Parliament.)

"We said okay, that's all right; there's no problem as long as they govern properly and good governance means that the rule of law must be followed.

"We've now discovered that's not the case. So we have decided we must play our part in the governance of this country and provide the government with continued advise on security issues with regards to the rule of law.

"That is why I am being attacked by politicians and ministers alike.

"I've been told I'm to stay away from politics. But that is the interpretation of those who don't want us to tell people about what is happening. Isn't politics and security tied? Aren't they interwoven?

"We are of the view that if we stay away from politics from this particular issue, the people who have the 'mandate' to lead and who have a private agenda because of the events of 2000, will do what they want, and who is going to stop them?

Islands Business asked: "So there is a core of officers who think the army should conduct itself in a certain manner?"


"And they are unhappy with the way the civilian government is pushing things and have decided to resist that push?"

"That's right. But only resist the push in one direction; not in the governance of the country. We stay away from that. Only when it touches security and when we see people interfere in the rule of law being followed."

Bainimarama says efforts to secure lesser sentences and clemency are to "please these (coup supporters) people and this is certainly a move to undo all the work the military and the security and judiciary have done all these years".

Recalling the first days of the coup, Bainimarama related: "When I first heard it was George Speight, I knew it had nothing to do Fijians. I knew it had nothing to do with indigenous rights. I said 'who the hell is George Speight?'

"The last person I talked to said, 'Oh, this guy Speight jumped over the fence with seven people and he's got the government.'

"I said, "that can't be right. Why? Because Speight is an old man and he is going to get a heart attack running around like that. I said there's only Sam Speight, (George's father) who is a parliamentarian, I knew from some grog sessions.

"Then I suddenly remembered this bald-headed guy who was in the papers for some mahogany deal that went wrong; so I knew it had nothing to do with Fijian rights; nothing to do with indigenous rights. It had to do with mahogany (concessions) and the losers from the previous elections, people who would like to take advantage of a change in government to get new positions, and hangers on who thought they could get a piece of the pie.

"We knew that. That's proven by just looking at the people who got into parliament from day one."

Bainimarama, who was in Norway at the time the coup happened, said on his return to Suva: "On the first day after my return, two things were fairly clear.

"Somebody has given the support of the vanua. George Speight is an unknown quantity. It was clear that certain Fijian chiefs (Bainimarama didn't want to name them) wanted to persuade the Great Council of Chiefs to back George Speight.

"It was fairly clear to me that, one, Speight had been endorsed from the vanua. Somebody had given him Fijian support. Two: someone has promised him the military."

In the tense days that followed, Bainimarama says he told one group of chiefly Speight sympathisers: "Look, listen to me; if we don't do what I am trying to get us to do (restore democratic government) we will go back to 1800s, and you know what happened in the 1800s? War. (Fijians engaged constantly in tribal warfare at that time).

"Is that where you people want to take us back to? Sure, we are getting a lot of pressures from our chiefs, but we must explain to the people what needs to be done to get us back on track.

"Last week (in his weekly broadcast) I was talking about the law; the law is what drives and brings stability to the land.

"We throw that out of the window and there will be none of us sitting around like this; you won't be writing. There won't be anyone in jail. We will be shooting each other looking for food. We must let people know the right path to be followed. You have to stand up to these people that talk down to you."

Bainimarama says the army has a pretty clear idea of the story behind May 19, 2000, but not all of it.

"You know, what we need to do is get George Speight out and sit him down with a pen and paper. We were too hasty in taking him to Nukulau (island jail) in the first instance. We keep telling ourselves that. When we arrested him, we should not have taken him to Nukulau there and then; we should have got him a pen and paper and threatened him to write the story.

" Speight's rating" has gone to zilch," he says.

"There's not going to be another George Speight, I can tell you that. He may be released in may be 12 years. Not now, because of the stance of the military."

Speight isn't "safe anywhere off Nukulau," Bainimarama says.

"His brother (an MP) is saying 'I can collect 10,000 signatures easily (for Speight's release)'. We could collect 800,000 to keep George at Nukulau."

In his weekly broadcasts, the army commander says: "I want to reach the Fijian people. That's the people we need to touch.

"In the Fijian broadcast sessions we tell the people we don't want anyone creating unrest. If certain people are thinking that in order to save themselves they can come out and create trouble for all of us, I can only say that, contrary to the events of 2000, we will not be standing around twiddling our thumbs in the middle of the street. They will face the full brunt of the military."

In the months ahead of Fiji, there is the risk of more unrest, he says.

"That's certainly a worry. True nationalism will come up. They will use that as an excuse for nationalism to rear its ugly head again. That's why every Saturday morning in informing the public about the happenings within the military, I would like to allay fears and assure the community that we
will look after them if something hits the fan and tell (troublemakers) 'look it's not going to work. You start anything and you'll face the full brunt of the law and anything after that, you'll face the military.

"That is what we stress in the military all the time; to always do good so that people put their trust in you. They don't want to be putting their trust in an organisation that is corrupt."

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Quick Updates

We thank all our readers for their patience as we left blogging for some time. We had been busy and a few members of our group had flown off to relatives in other countries.

The RFN and SV sites have kept up their end of ranting and ravings. We are also aware that their latest toy is the issue regarding John Samy an the incident which occurred at the airport. We wish to state that the camera footage was reviewed and it was seen that an individual was loitering around Mr. Samy's items. In addition to this, we can state that this was the work of anti-govt. terrorists. We know they did their best to frame Mr. Samy and it is fortunate that Mr. Teleni was available to prevent the situation from becoming a media tool for ridiculing the govt. Bad luck to the RFN and SV bloggers who thought Mr. Samy was capable of such an act. Such actions are not uncommon. In many countries, people unknowingly become transporters of drugs and other things - Mr. Samy is one of the lucky ones. We thank Mr. Samy for his contribution to the people of Fiji. May people such as Mr. Samy continue to avail themselves in the face of everything other countries and dissidents such as RFN and SV throw at them.

The RFN site is quoted as saying that the Military Council has issued a word of caution to the bloggers of this site. We wish to categorically state that nothing of such a nature has eventuated. We have not been in touch with the Military Council nor have they been in touch with us. It is such lies which continue to take our country backward and not in a progressive manner as it should. We are of the opinion that the RFN and SV bloggers are a group of compulsive lying terrorists who need to be caught and silenced for their heretic acts. Their continual lying and claims of knowing everything which happens inside govt. are astounding and the fact that they write such things without any proof only serves to reinforce the fact that they are a group of despots hell-bent on taking this country to the dogs.

The latest issue to date is Qarase being allowed to travel. We have not imposed any travel bans on Qarase and he is of no significance to this govt. We have no need for him or feel their is any need for him to be on bans as he is neither a threat or of any value. He may travel freely however, his future in politics is well and truly over. We have time and time again exposed the high level of corruption present in govt. which was continually nurtured and used by Qarase and his cronies to get what they wanted - financial greed was rampant and we are aware that Qarase has siphoned off significant funds for his personal use. In a day where he should be trying his best to help the country forward, Qarase decides to fly off to another country where he will no doubt try his best to disrupt the work this govt. has done. We have stated this before and say it again: We are a sovereign nation and will not bow to any pressure from other states.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Dark Day

We noted with grave disappointment the announcement by the PM that the minimum wage order would be shelved until July. We share the sentiments shared by many when the accusation that the govt. has given in to the elite of the society. For the PM to come out with a ridiculous statement that it is for the betterment of the country, the statement is in very bad taste, particularly if it was said in jest.

We cannot understand why such a decision was taken, particularly when the govt. is supposedly doing what it is doing for the good of the people. Added to this, the Fiji Times today revealed details about PM's leave payout which means that decisions made have been one-sided - for the people in govt. It is indeed a dark day when the people who chose to take the reigns of this country in their quest for truth and fairness do exactly what the previous govt's. were doing and continue to treat the backbone workers of this country like dirt. For a man who has just about everything, the least the PM could have done was allow the minimum pay order to go through. By deferring it, he has not only made a fool of himself as that was his initiative, but also of the govt. which has been, ironically, preaching from the pulpit about fairness, transparency and benefits for the poor. Where has that vision gone to? Has the PM finally succumbed to the temptations of the dollar and decided to let the country go to the dogs? Perhaps we are truly not far from the days when Fiji will become another Zimbabwe.

We are worried. We generally do not speak out against the govt. Our blog of today is meant to show our frustration. Wadan Narsey is quite right when he says that the PM is inept and unable to realize the huge mistake he is making. Father Kevin Barr has taken a firm stand and we applaud his decision. We prefer to stand by him on this issue as we believe that politics should never have been allowed into such a decision which affects the lives of the poor. This scenario has shown many that the govt. is doing what was previously being whispered: taking food from the mouths of the poor and feeding the rich while the poor are left to beg for scraps. We shun such a decision made and we believe that those corrupt individuals who swayed the PM's decision have no conscience as they do not see the poor people's plight. While people such as Solanki drive around in their flashy Jaguars, Mercedes and BMW's. the poor people look for every cent to help pay that daily busfare to get them to work. While the rich sit at home everyday and eat fresh, hot and smoking meals, the poor carefully reheat whatever is left from the day before and try to make the most of that. Everything we do from this day forward will never be the same - we have done what we should never have done: fall prey to the sly and bastardly businessmen. It is a shame and a stain on the govt. which will never wash off and may this day be seen as the day the govt. fell back on its promise to the people

Friday, February 6, 2009


Hello to all our supporters. We've had a very busy week as we had a lot of meetings a things to get done.

We have noted with deep concern the behavior of the Elections Supervisor, Felicity Heffernan. Her recent debut into the world of Fijiwood has u extremely concerned. Not only has she compromised her position, but she has also brought shame to the august office. As such, we are aware that her days are numbered and she will be possibly asked to resign on the grounds that she has made a political statement against the govt. We do not like to see people hired to carry out their roles independently get involved in the petty politics plaguing this nation and he sacking will certainly send a clear message to all that we are looking for professionals and not simply people who are coming to have a good time in Fiji. In the spirit of fairness, the Supervisor should be given the chance to state her case and if the situation warrants it, her resignation should be demanded.

We thank our commentator Jone for his thoughtful comments. Keep up the good work Jone and do not let the detractors distract you from telling the world the truth about the level of corruption that has been exposed by this govt. We know that those who continue to go against us are influenced by past corrupt politicians and Methodist Cult leaders who know the power they once had to influence the govt. for their personal evil benefits has ended. Jone's words have deep meanings and we appreciate his/her taking the time to provide us with his rebuttals of the stupid comments made by the RFN and SV bloggers. Obviously, the words of Jone cause great pain and bring distress to the RFN and SV bloggers. They cannot stand to see someone oppose their work and in such a manner that it attracts widespread attention. In the words of fallen baboons, blog on Ragone!!!

One of the recent articles written by the RFN trolls is about how the loss of Fiji at the Wellington Sevens is the fault of the govt. We are extremely disappointed to see our boys fall so quickly but proud that they were able to, like the fabled lion, rise out of the darkness and overcome our opponents quickly. Good work boys!!! No doubt the management of the FRU will be sacked along with the coach once he returns. While the team is making good progress, the fault of the failure will lie squarely on the FRU management and the coach who has been seen to make some very foolish decisions - we anticipate some sackings.

The rumor going around at present about the govt. calling back Mahen Chaudary is false. Chaudary will not be recalled as he was sacked from the govt. after failing to successfully negotiate a deal with the water bottlers and the bus association. We do not see any reason to bring him back as there are more suitably qualified people to handle the role and at this stage, Jim Ah-Koy is being eyed for this position as he is well respected by the business community and knows of measures to streamline the economy, saving revenue and ensuring investment is maintained. The recent revelations by the RBF about our foreign reserves has no doubt made many a little uneasy but we assure you that there is nothing to panic about - there are safety measures which will ensure that we do not encounter any troubles. Interest rates had been reduced to ensure a healthy liquidity in the market and despite the rubbish written by Dr. Rohit Kishore, we know that our position is still solid. People such as Rohit Kishore should learn to keep their mouth shut when they don't know what they're talking about. Theory and practice are two different things and Rohit Kishore obviously knows little or nothing about either.

We continue to make progress towards elections in 2010 and we look forward to the people of Fiji turning out in numbers to vote in a govt. which will look after ALL the races in this country and ensure prosperity in the country.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Command Reformer

Source: Time

Preamble: This is an article found on the Time website which discusses the reasons behind the coup and the future of Fiji - a brighter and corruption-free one.

For Commodore Voreqe "Frank" Bainimarama, the decision to remove the government of Laisenia Qarase in a coup on Dec. 5 was painful but simple. "The racist policies of the past," he says, sipping coffee in his office at the Republic of Fiji Military Force Strategic HQ in Suva, "would have taken us to hell—and we would never have come back." For many observers in the outside world, most vocally Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, Bainimarama's actions were an unacceptable interference in the democratic process, but the armed forces chief and now interim Prime Minister is unrepentant. "If you want to stop the coup cycle, you have to get rid of the ugly side of Fijian politics," he says. "If the Qarase government had done what we're doing now, they would still be there."

Bainimarama says entrenched corruption, race-based policies that favored the 51% of Fiji's population who are indigenous, and runaway crime drove his intervention. He rejects Downer's suggestion that he has acquired a taste for power as "the height of insensitivity and arrogance," saying he didn't want to be Prime Minister, and accepted the position only at the urging of his military council. "I hate this job," he says, "but it has to be done. And we are going to stay until we complete this business."

How long that will take is anyone's guess. The interim government's "road map" for elections and a return to democracy had a scheduled arrival date of 2010, but Bainimarama now fears the process may take longer. "We earmarked six months for the Electoral Commission to redraw boundaries [unchanged since the mid-'90s]," he says, but he was told by officials the day before he spoke to Time that the work will take 18 months. "So even before we have started, 12 months have been added to 2010."

That news won't please Australia, New Zealand or the U.S., which have demanded a swift return to civilian rule. But if foreign disapproval counts with Bainimarama, he's not showing it. "They want to bully the small nations of the Pacific," he says. "Downer's policy is to ensure there is weak government in Fiji so they can take advantage of it." If outsiders really want to help Fiji, he says, "they should just lay off. Stop attacking what we're trying to do here, because it's not going to make any difference to us." He relies instead on popular support, which, he claims, "is now at 95%. People are only now understanding what we've told them over the past three or four years about crooked chiefs and corrupt politicians," he says. "They believe us now."

But while there's wide agreement that corruption needed to be eradicated, the FMF is accused of murderously heavy-handed tactics. On top of many allegations that political opponents and criminals have been beaten and intimidated, the past month has seen the deaths of two young men, allegedly at the hands of soldiers. There are murmurs that the FMF commander either endorses the brutality or has lost control of his men.

"I have told my troops that power corrupts only if you abuse the authority given to you," he says. "I am continually telling my people, 'This is the line. You can't cross this line. It doesn't do us any good.' "While unwilling to comment on specific cases, which he says are under police investigation, he suspects some soldiers may have misunderstood their mission. "I have no doubt that some guys have crossed the line thinking that's the right thing to do," he says, adding that any wrongdoing will be punished.

The military, he says, don't want to do police work, although he points to their results. "Under Qarase's government, every day of the week people were jumping on counters with cane knives to steal," he says. "There hasn't been a major crime since Dec 5. None." And when lawlessness has decreased to his satisfaction, his men will be withdrawn: "We want to give that power back to the police, but at the moment people don't have confidence in them." He notes a fall in police morale since the departure of Commissioner Andrew Hughes. "He ran away," says Bainimarama. As for reports that the Australian left after threats that his family would be kidnapped, "It's all rubbish. Who would want to kidnap him? He is insignificant."

He says Hughes was ignorant of Fijian politics, a charge he lays at many doors. Foreign politicians like Downer and his New Zealand counterpart Winston Peters are getting bad advice from their Fiji missions, he says, and don't know what's happening on the ground. "The diplomats got along better with Qarase's people," he says. "They want business as usual—even if it's going downhill." Last month Fiji's Reserve Bank predicted the economy would shrink 2-4% this year; before the coup, it had forecast growth of 2%. Speaking the day before his government's first Budget, Bainimarama blames Qarase's team. "If the economy falls," he says, "then 2% of the fall can be attributed to the events of Dec. 5. Ninety-eight per cent is the fault of the previous government. We were already going downhill, but we need to pick it up very quickly."

Meanwhile, he stresses his successes: government agencies are operating with military efficiency after a "change of attitude"; the streets are so much safer that checkpoints will be removed "maybe by the end of March"; an Independent Commission Against Corruption will soon be established; and expatriate Fijians are returning to the country. For good or ill, Bainimarama has pressed the reset button on Fijian politics and is prepared to wait while the program reloads. He is "very confident" the country is on the right path. "We've set our target and we're heading towards it," he says, with a determined smile. "We're going to win."

Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Laws of Fiji

We have recently noticed the number of anti-govt. bloggers increase their ravings on this site. While many have simply resorted to using profanity (it is expected when you're ill-bred) while others have questioned the legitimacy of the military and its actions. We have been down this path once. We will only say that any member of the military who has or was involved in any physical abuse of citizens of this country has been taken to task. Each soldiers involvement has ultimately been decided by the military council and we will let the matter rest there. There is nothing further to discuss on this topic and we will not be returning to this issue.

We reiterate that the death of Malasebe was not of any consequence and his death has only removed a dangerous individual from our midst. To those who have repeatedly questioned this, we ask what you would choose if you were in the shoes of Malasebe's victims? Would you rather watch your family slain before you or slay the beast who threatens the very sanctity of your home? The choices we all make are our own and no individual can tell you what path to choose. We made our choice a long time ago and we will stick by these choices till the end. When in sight of the Almighty, we will be answerable for our actions and not the RFN and SV pot-smokers. We will however, not allow corrupt SDL officials to return to the forefront of running this country - that is certain. We will ensure that individuals who have used this country as a mere tool for their unscrupulous activities are taken to task and the light of the justice system falls on them.

Our sovereign leader has sworn an oath to protect this country - from evil forces within and outside. We are curious as to how our detractors reached the conclusion that his actions were illegal when the Courts have pronounced the action as legitimate. This was clearly demonstrated in whereby the then Acting Chief Justice Anthony Gates ruled in Qarase v Bainimarama [2008] FJHC 241; HBC 60.2007S; HBC 398.2007S (9 October 2008) that

"We find that exceptional circumstances existed, not provided for by the Constitution, and that the stability of the State was endangered. We also find that no other course of action was reasonably available, and that such action as taken by the President was reasonably necessary in the interests of peace, order and good government. Rather than impairing the just rights of citizens we conclude that the President’s actions were designed to protect a wide variety of competing rights from displacement by avoiding conflagration." (p.62, [162])
So where does the question of the legality of this govt. come in? Who are the RFN and SV bloggers to question this when the law of the land, the same law which is applicable to all the people in those country, has been found to be correct in it's verdict? Certainly, from the tone taken by both amateurish sites only serves to tell the wider public that the websites are in contempt of Court from their actions and words.

We have only to quote from the recent High Court ruling of In re Application by the Attorney General of Fiji [2009] FJHC 8; Action No 124.2008 (22 January 2009) where the learned Justice Hickey ruled, citing the judgment of Wilson J in 1979 in Rooney (No 2), Papua New Guinea, that

"the independence of the judiciary is guaranteed by the Constitution … The Constitution provides the protective safeguards of judicial independence … The independence of the judiciary is the key to freedom under the law … The Judicial Declaration that each member of the judiciary is required, by … the Constitution, to make before entering upon the duties of, or exercising any of the powers of, his [or her] office is inconsistent with there being any erosion of the concept of the independence of the judiciary … By virtue of the making of such a declaration independence becomes a vital part of a judge’s judicial integrity ..."
which clearly states that the decisions taken by the judiciary were legitimate and in line with the current constitution. In addition to this, making such false statements, we cite the case of Regina v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis, Ex parte Blackburn (No 2) in which Lord Salmon (at page 155G) said:

"It follows that no criticism of a judgment, however vigorous, can amount to contempt of Court, providing it keeps within the limits of reasonable courtesy and good faith."
Lord Edmund Davies (at page 156E) agreed saying:

The right to fair criticism is part of the birthright of all subjects of Her Majesty. Though it has its boundaries, that right covers a wide expanse, and its curtailment must be jealously guarded against. It applies to the judgments of the courts as to all other topics of public importance. Doubtless it is desirable that critics should, first be accurate and, secondly, be fair, and that they will particularly remember and be alive to that desirability if those they would attack have, in the ordinary course, no means of defending themselves.
So, these references should be more that adequate to provide the RFN and SV bloggers with the reasons behind the actions taken to remove the SDL from power and the realistic consequences of contempt of Court which the RFN and SV bloggers have crossed more then once. We have chosen these quotes deliberately for the following reasons. It should be noted prior that The International Court of Justice resolves matters of international law between sovereign states. For more on its jurisdiction look at its web site: here
  • Google Blogger is subject to International Laws and as such should the reason demand action, the company may be subjected to an appearance in the ICC whereby the Court may ask for full disclosure of IP (Internet Protocol) addresses of all individuals who utilize the RFN and SV sites. This has already been proven when Google was summoned before the Supreme Court in the USA and asked to provide IP addresses of all individuals frequenting pornographic sites which encouraged paedophilia. While the issue of privacy was paramount in the argument, the Court ruled that the rights of individuals who indulged in such behavior were not subject to privacy and as such had to be disclosed. This was agreed to by Google. The govt. of Fiji can, should it wish, to file an injunction with the ICC which can issue a suspension of the bloggers accounts which are found to be abusing the Freedom of Speech clause for their malicious practices.
  • That the bloggers of the RFN and SV site are using the Internet domain for their flagrant and vagrant display of contempt of Court which is punishable by law as the primary domain of the Google Blogger site is in the USA which is also subject to the International Laws of fair speech and protecting the reputation and rights of individuals.
We hope that our message is clear - we will not stop because the law is on our side and we ensure that every action is done in line with the 2007 Constitution of Fiji.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Sick Methods by RFN

The RFN bloggers are outrageous. Their various attempts to twist the blogs on this site for their personal propaganda are dastardly at worst. Over the past few days, the bloggers have claimed that this site is inciting or attempting to incite a racial war. We reject that claim and ask that the daft bloggers prove their claim. By merely using superficial words and then claiming such ridiculous things is going beyond the norm.

Who on earth is claiming that this site is trying to incite a racial war? There is no racial war, there is no call for any racial war nor will there ever be any call for racial wars. The RFN bloggers are obviously mad or they're just amazingly thickheaded to realize that the days of using race as a reason for wars are long gone. Try a different tack because you're beginning to sound like the broken record - which is actually what they sounded like from the beginning except the record seems truly broken now.
On behalf of our team, we would like to categorically state that the claim by the RFN bloggers is absolutely false, like the false prophets they worship and we hereby issue this disclaimer.
The problem lies with the fact that we tell the truth and because it is the truth, the bloggers at RFN cannot bear this fact and use such dirty tactics to further their cause - it certainly has not worked in the past and it will not work now or in the future.

One of the recent accomplishments of the govt. is the absolute removal of all councillors and mayors. Over the past years, these corrupt individuals have ransacked the coffers of their towns and benefited themselves beyond belief. The Suva mayor along with his criminal deputy have used every possible opportunity to loot the council coffers and benefit themselves with presents of cars. The situation was exacerbated when the overweight slob decided to spend council money and gave himself along with his subordinates, new vehicles. This was achieved by increasing city rates. The Nasinu mayor used council funds for buying groceries for his family and this is one of the main reasons he was fighting so much when he was told to vacate the office.

We will not be restoring any of these mayors and councillors, particularly based on the fact that these mayors and councillors were appointed by the SDL who then used them for their corrupt practises. The Commonwealth can demand the elections until they're blue in the face because the constitution will first be changed to ensure that corrupt individuals such as Qarase and his crooked members never return to power. It is time for the RFN bloggers to get in line with the new policies or consider self-annihilation.